Silver Reef Utah

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Silver Reef, Utah

Silver Reef exists today as a historic mining town and is now the subject of a new novel.  In 1880 Silver Reef, Utah was a booming silver mining town and was the largest community in this part of the Utah territory (near present day St. George). Payroll came regularly for the miners and was a tempting target for any outlaw.  The payroll is stolen but the bandits are never seen again anywhere in the west.  Months pass and a man visits Silver Reef, claiming that he knows the location of the money.

In present day Michigan a young woman discovers a secret of something valuable left in Utah by her great uncle. She and her brother embark on a journey that will test their resolve and threaten their lives. The novel Silver Reef will be published on this web-site, one chapter at a time, with photographs, video and maps illustrating various details related to the area history, terrain, and the story within this novel called Silver Reef.

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